A tale as old as time: Two best friends combating the crushing, demoralizing grind of life by acting like idiots on the internet. Come feel better about your mental state by comparing it to ours!

Here at Shenaniguys, we realize that the best way to a person’s heart is through silly illustrations. That’s why we release a new one every single day!

The Daily Dump is our daily comic strip, and the best way to start every day… Well, not best. Maybe somewhat enjoyable? Probably not, though.

The Weekly Whimsy are weekly illustrations that will offer you a little peek into the eternal downward spiral that is our mental state. Prepare to be entertained and slightly concerned.

Feeling brave and stupid? Take a peek through these doors and find what we’ve been wasting our time on.

Yup, we make videos too! At Shenaniguys, we’re not satisfied with merely doing one or two things badly… We want it all. Click on the TV to be whisked away to Videoland!